IANS Committees

Program and Education Committee


  1. Planning, assessment, evaluation of scientific and social programs, postgraduate and enduring materials programs.  
  2. Conduct curriculum development.
  3. Appoint and assist course directors, project editors with President’s approval; BOD approves prospective faculty lists from course directors determine which courses are responsibility of IANS
  4. Fulfill all responsibilities necessary for approval of courses, meetings, and other educational activities for which CME credit is requested.
  5. Develop new methods of education and training.


Naomi Jay, NP, PhD
Assistant Professor of Physiological Nursing
University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, California

Curriculum Development Sub-committee


  1. Development of standards for HRA education, Standardize course offerings (provide regional courses with basic curriculum) –develop unified curriculum. 
  2. Development of standard slides for teaching.
  3. Evaluate the curriculum that have been offered so far and review requests for IANS’ sponsorship of satellite courses. 


Tamzin Cuming, MBBS FRCS Med

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon 

Homerton University Hospital 

London, England 

High Resolution Anoscopy Course/s Sub-committee


  1. Organizes courses; assign director(s) for current IANS’ sponsored courses
  2. Propose course agenda for approval by Board.
  3. Determine faculty (develop broader faculty, regionally appropriate re teaching skills, HRA skills and language)
  4. Would take direction from Curriculum development. 
  5. Determine how to provide support to different regional programs.

J. Michael Berry-Lawhorn, MD
Clinical Professor
University of San Francisco
San Francisco, California, USA

WebRounds Planning Committee


  1. Webrounds – develop topics, dates, expand regional options for times, Spanish-speaking (bi-annual), determine frequency
  2. Explore application for CMEs
  3. Create syllabus for the year
  4. Determine number per region



Scientific Meeting Planning Committee


  1. To assist in the organization of the annual IANS scientific meeting
  2. To assist in development of regional meetings that advance the agenda of the society



Olivier Richel, MD PhD Tamzin Cuming, MBBS FRCS Med

Department of Infectious Diseases,  Consultant Colorectal Surgeon 

Academic Medical Center  Homerton University Hospital 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands  London, England 

Task Force on Guidelines Committee


  1. Developing guidelines for anal cancer screening while awaiting trial outcome
  2. To review and synthesize the materials available, and then to present for ratification at the next IANS meeting.


Elizabeth Stier, MD Naomi Jay, RN, NP, PhD
Associate Professor Assistant Professor of Physiological Nursing
Boston University School of Medicine University of California, San Francisco
Obstetrics and Gynecology         San Francisco, California
Boston, Massachusetts

Outreach and Communication Committee

Communication – quarterly newsletter, development of social media, maintaining the website, monitoring consultation and on-line discussion forums


Julian Sanchez, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
Moffitt Cancer Center

Tampa, Florida, USA 

Quarterly Newsletter



  1. To gather pertinent scientific and practice-based information both to keep the membership apprised of advances relevant to anal neoplasia
  2. To publish such material on a quarterly basis



Mary-Jo Murphy
Ventura, CA

The International Anal Neoplasia Society

P.O. Box 1543
Leesburg, Virginia 20177


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